Industrial Relations, Technology Transfer and Training



  •  Following up and revising the key performance indicator (KPI) of the educational system; which is related to Industrial relations, technology transfer and training.
  •  Supporting the cooperation among the University Colleges and public and private sectors; this helps in the development of curriculum and training programs.
  •  Finding and providing Industrial related training opportunities for staff and students to improve their experiences and skills and then transfer their knowledge to the University.
  •  Reviewing policies and applicable plans and studying the benefits of parallel programs and the Part-Time Studies System.
  •  Building official partnerships with various industrial sectors.
  •  Participating in marketing the University Colleges in all media platforms.
  •  Observing the application of the Intellectual property rights policies.
  •  Preserving the Intellectual property rights of the University Colleges and their departments.
  •  Offering support to students' creativity and innovation centers.
  •  Evaluating parallel and training programs and proposing ways to develop them.